I hope you are happy and healthy no matter where you are. I have been traveling quite a bit between Prague, Czech Republic and Wiesbaden, Germany, teaching Ayurveda Yoga and offering ayurvedic workshops and consultations. I am very grateful for my work and all the wonderful people I get to meet through ayurveda.

One weekend in September, I participated in a Family Constellations workshop with Bhagat in the Czech Republic. This was my first deeper dive into the Family Constellations process and I must say that is was incredibly interesting. You get to understand where you come from and your family history. If there is something from the past that you have not made peace with yet (either consciously or unconsciously), it is affecting who you are now. Family Constellations help you to see and feel this, accept it and at the same time free yourself from it so you can live your life now. If you would like to know more about my experience or this process, don’t hesitate to ask me

“Oil is to the body as love is to the soul”

In Ayurveda, we emphasize the use of good quality oils. Just think about it . . . we oleate our cars and other machines, but rarely oleate our body. In the western world there is some kind of resentment towards oil. We need to change that. You need to experience the feeling after an oil massage, taste a meal that is prepared with home-made ghee or feel your skin after you put some 100x washed ghee on your face.

Fall Season

The fall is the season of Vata – changing, cold weather, often windy and dry. Our body can get weaker and our immunity compromised. It’s very important in this season to restore daily routine and focus on Vata pacifying practices, such are the ones listed below. Since Vata is cold, dry, rough, and changing, the best way to balance Vata is with warm, oily, stable qualities. Warm oil is the most important substance for balancing Vata. Not only internally, but also externally.

Vata Balancing Tips for the Fall

1) Start your day with warm ginger tea. Cut about ½ inch of fresh ginger, peel it and grate it. Put some hot boiling water over it and let sip for about 5 minutes.

2) Go to bed by 10PM. Get up when you feel rested. For some people this means 6 hrs of sleep, for some 9. Find what is right for you.

3) Incorporate routine into your day. Vata is moving and constantly changing. Routine is incredibly important for balancing this ever changing dosha.

4) Focus on Vata balancing warm foods. Since Vata is cold and dry; warm, soupy meals are the best.

5) Incorporate Kichari into your diet regularly

6) Massage your body regularly with warm sesame oil. Sesame oil is a wonderful oil of choice for Vata season. People with a strong Pitta, can mix it with ½ sunflower oil and Kapha with 1/3 mustard oil.

7) Include ghee in your diet. Good quality healthy fats are very important for our diet.

8) Use oil nose drops regularly

9) Completely stay away from cold foods and drinks

So, to summarize warm, stable, oily qualities are most important in this season.

What is New @ Ayurveda Holistic Medicine?

Ayurveda Yoga DVD Inspired by my yoga students, I have been working on my Ayurveda Yoga DVD, which should be available in the next couple of months. Keep your eyes open for the first release, which will be in Czech. English and German versions will follow.

Ayurvedic Consultations are again available in the wonderful Ayurmedic Center. Please contact them for dates & times available in October & November 2011.

In the Rhythm of Ayurveda (sunrise yoga and daily Ayurveda talks), Ischia, Italy, October 1-8, 2011

Still a couple of places are available (by bus only)for this fabulous week at the energy charged volcanic Ischia, a beautiful island in the Bay of Napels. Besides yoga and ayurveda you can soak in wonderful hot springs (even in the sea!). More info at Nesmenka.

Ayurveda, Yoga and Our Mind, Dum Jogy, Praha, Czech Republic, November 26.-27., 2011

If your mind is something that fascinates you like it fascinates me, this is a wonderful workshop for you. We will learn how Ayurveda and Yoga view our mind, but mostly play with our mind and realize that we are not our minds!

Have a relaxing happy fall and take good care of yourself.

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Ayurvedic Detox Cleanse, Fall 2012

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Ayurveda Holistic Workshops Prague, Czech Republic

Ayurveda Holistic Medicine Workshops Praha Czech Republic
Great way to incorporate Ayurveda and holistic medicine into your daily life with our hands-on interactive holistic workshops.

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