I hope that you are enjoying the summer no matter where you are. Last week I came back to Wiesbaden, Germany, from a three week road trip across France and Spain. It made me realize how much I love being in nature and how nature balances me. It is also much easier to practice deep breathing while you are hiking in beautiful Picos de Europa

or are canoeing the Gorges de l'Ardeche.

Nature helps you to return to your core, to who you really are.

I was practicing lots of active meditation while hiking, canoeing and climbing. Of course, camping makes it really easy to follow the rhythms of nature, because you definitely go to bed with the sun, get up with the sun and 24 hrs a day are breathing the amazing rich Prana.

Being in nature, connecting with nature, is a great place to start changing bad habits. If you are struggling with some bad habits that you would like to change, I suggest spending more time in nature this summer. Being outside, breathing the fresh air, smelling flowers, fruit, wind . . . , helps you greatly to return to your balanced Self and do what is good for you.

You don't even have to try very hard it happens naturally. Your core, your soul, however you want to call it, knows exactly what is good for you and wants you to be healthy and happy. Our mind, on the other hand, often plays tricks on us and wants to punish us. Getting to the body, away from the mind, is the first step in changing bad habits.

Other easy tricks that help you in changing bad habits:

1) Exercise. Get in your body, sweat, detox, feel great.
2) Get up with the sun, go to bed with the sun.
3) Spend time in nature.
4) Spend time in the sun.
5) Spend time with children.
6) Laugh.
7) Do what makes you happy.
8) Work less.
9) Get up from your computer and stretch (right now . . . really, I mean it, get up and stretch). You know some basic stretches, right? If not, just clasp your hands behind your back and interlock your fingers, stretch your chest, open your heart. Or go to Yoga Poses
10) Eat fresh, home made food.
11) Eat fruits and vegetables.
12) Drink plenty of water.

And why do I call these tricks? Because when you first look at them they probably don't look like something that will help you in changing bad habits ,but often your bad habits keep you away from loving yourself. When you do what is good for you, when you love yourself, the bad habits often disappear on their own, without your consciousness. So, have fun this summer and enjoy your life!

What is New @ Ayurveda Holistic Medicine?

Rejuvenate Your Body & Mind with Ayurveda, Dum Jogy, Praha, Czech Republic, September 24-25, 2011

Very hands-on workshop, where you will learn how to apply the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in your everyday modern life. We will practice self-oil massage, ayurvedic yoga, alternate nostril breathing (pranayama), meditation, talk about Healthy Eating Habits, Daily Routines and much much more. You will leave relaxed, rejuvenated and full of energy for your life. For more information, please visit Dum Jogy

Ayurvedic Consultations are again available in the Ayurmedic Center. Please contact them for dates & times available in late August and September.

In the Rhythm of Ayurveda (sunrise yoga and daily Ayurveda talks), Ischia, Italy, October 1-8, 2011

Join us for this fabulous week at the energy charged volcanic Ischia, a beautiful island in the Bay of Napels, where besides yoga and ayurveda you can soak in wonderful hot springs (even in the sea!). More info at Nesmenka.

Have a wonderful summer and remember that The World is as You Are!


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