are you enjoying the beautiful spring?

If you are running around energized and happy, you have prepared well for the spring, which is the time of new beginnings and bountiful sources of energy. If you feel tired, sleepy, congested and allergies are bothering you, you could probably use some help.

Simple Tips on Staying Healthy This Spring

1) Start the day with a cup of warm water. This will gently detoxify the body and clean your digestive tract.

2) Clean your nasal passages at least once a week with a salt water. Take half a cup of warm water and insert about 1/2 tsp of salt. Mix and either place in a neti cup or in the palm of your hand. Inhale the water with each nostril. Like if you were swimming in the sea . . . the salt water will gently clean your nose.

3) Keep your diet simple. Kichari is a wonderful way to detoxify your mind & body. You can follow a Kichari monodiet for 3-5 days or longer.

4) Take triphala at night to clean your gut. Triphala not only detoxifies your intestines, but also strengthens them so they can do their job properly.

5) Last, but not least, move! Try to walk at least 30 minutes every day or practice some kind of aerobic activity daily. We have (naturally!) accumulated some Kapha over the winter and now it's time to get rid of it.

What is New @ Ayurveda Holistic Medicine?

Just made a new batch of the wonderful 100x washed ghee that many of you call "the best anti aging moisturizer." If you have not tried it yet, now might be the right time to rejuvenate your skin for the warm summer months.

June Workshops in Prague, Czech Republic

I am amazed at how well Ayurveda is received in Prague. The excitement and awareness of holistic living is growing! Next workshops, which are in June, are “Rejuvenate Your Body & Mind with Ayurveda” and “Ayurveda Diet and Detoxification.” You can find out more information about these workshops at Dum Jogy. Just in case you are somewhere near Prague and speak Czech :-)

And my newest . . .

. . . last week I put together my first video about Alternate Nostril Breathing. I have been playing a lot lately with this relaxation technique and am appreciating more and more its amazing calming benefits. Check it out at Alternate Nostril Breathing.

I am also offering online consultations and panchakarma & detox guidance. So maybe talk to you soon?

Hope you are well and learning something new every day!

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Ayurvedic Detox Cleanse, Fall 2012

ayurvedic detox cleanse krkonoše spring 2012
Wonderful opportunity to cleanse your body, calm your mind and feel happier, lighter, & few years younger.

Ayurveda Holistic Workshops Prague, Czech Republic

Ayurveda Holistic Medicine Workshops Praha Czech Republic
Great way to incorporate Ayurveda and holistic medicine into your daily life with our hands-on interactive holistic workshops.

Our Client-inspired Best Anti Aging Moisturizer
100x washed ghee

Best Anti Aging Moisturizer_100x_washed ghee

"I only use top of the line products and I have never seen a product like this. It absorbs easily into the skin and allows me to touch the skin more closely than when I work with other products." -Shelly, Esthetician, New Mexico

"After only two weeks of daily use, my skin is glowing again and my rosacea is 80% gone. Thank you, Barbora!" -Rachel, San Francisco

"I got your 100x washed ghee from my son Patrick. I was really impressed with the results. I haven’t had anything this fantastic on my face before! I have a daughter who also suffers from eczema and I cannot wait for her to also try it. Really amazing product."- Regina Š., Czech Republic

"I use the 100x washed ghee as a moisturizer and on tiny eczema patches I get once in a while. I also give it to my mother who uses it on her psoriasis. She calls it 'liquid gold.'" -Mary K., Massachusetts