I hope that the beginning of the summer finds you well. I just returned back to Wiesbaden, Germany, after an amazing month in the Czech Republic. There is always something special about being in our homeland, there is a certain familiarity, comfort and a feeling of belonging. While in the Czech Republic, I took a group of people through a detox process, taught two Ayurvedic workshops (“Rejuvenate Your Body & Mind with Ayurveda” and “Ayurvedic Diet & Detoxification”) and in between taught AyurvedaYoga at the wonderful Dum Jogy and was offering Ayurvedic consults at Ayurmedic Center.

I feel very blessed for my work and for all the wonderful people that I got to meet during this time. I am full of energy, vitality and love. It is amazing when you are working from your heart and are going with the flow (instead of against it), your work fulfills you and gives you energy. It feels like vacation, not work.

I am realizing more and more the importance of love in our lives. Through yoga, meditation, pranayama and awareness, we can access our heart chakra and through it can access love. Of course, love starts with love of ourselves.

The more loving environment we can create for people, the more happy and open they can be and that way can blossom. When we throw away our fears, our insecurities and really are true to who we are, amazing things can happen and doors that we didn't even know existed, open up. When people feel safe in the loving environment, they open up and melt. They melt away their masks and the real pure beautiful person can come out.

Remember, in your daily life to take some time and smell the roses.

Take some time for yourself. Find a meditation that works for you. It doesn't matter what kind of meditation it is, whatever works for you and makes you feel better, more grounded, happier, is right for you at this time. So, the key to everything is love. If you want other tips on how to stay cool in the summer months, here they are:

1) Massage your body with a cool coconut oil

2) Drink some Coriander/Cumin/Fennel tea (about 1/3 tsp of each seed for a quart of water)

3) Drink boiled cooled down water with lime (remember lime is cooling whereas lemon is heating)

4) Take walks in the moonlight

5) Breathe through the left nostril (left side of our body is cooling, right warming)

6) Cook a cooling dish, such as Kichari with some bitters, carrots and fresh peas

7) Eat pitta calming foods. For the complete list, please see The Food Guidelines

8) Remember to enjoy life and laugh a lot

What is New @ Ayurveda Holistic Medicine?

In the Rhythm of Ayurveda (sunrise yoga and daily Ayurveda talks), Ischia, Italy, 1.-8.10.2011

Join us for this fabulous week at the energy charged volcanic Ischia, a beautiful island in the Bay of Napels, where besides yoga and ayurveda you can soak in wonderful hot springs (even in the sea!). More info at Nesmenka.

Keep your eyes open for the fall Ayurvedic workshops at Dum Jogy

Ayurvedic Consultations are again available in the Ayurmedic Center. Please contact them for dates & times available for late August and early fall.

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Have a wonderful summer and remember that your life will only be as good as you allow it to be!


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